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Músicas Mais Tocadas de Calvin Harris

Maiores Sucessos de Calvin Harris:
Blame Top #58 (2015)
We found love (ft Rihanna) Top #58 (2011)
Summer Top #77 (2014)
Feel so close Top #86 (2013)
Sweet nothing Top #91 (2013)
I cannot say what I’m feeling If I don’t know how to move I cannot say what I believe in Finally believe in you I traveled many roads And I know what road to choose Now my world is never changing There’s anything I can do ‘Cause I found you I found you ‘Cause I […]
I understood loneliness before I knew what it was Saw the pills on your table for your unrequited love I would be nothing without you holding me up Now I’m strong enough for both of us Both of us, both of us, both of us I am a giant. Stand up on my shoulders, tell […]
Are you drunk enough Not to judge what I’m doing Are you high enough To excuse that I’m ruined Cause I’m ruined Is it late enough For you to come and stay over Cause we’re free to love So tease me I make no promises I can’t do golden rings But I’ll give you everything […]
Look at what you’ve done Stand still, falling away from me When it takes so long Fire’s out, what do you want to be? Now I’m holding on Myself was never enough for me Gotta be so strong There’s a power in what you do Now every other day I’ll be watching you I’ll show […]