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Músicas Mais Tocadas de Céline Dion

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Maiores Sucessos de Céline Dion:
Immortality Top #01 (1998)
My heart will go on Top #10 (1998)
If you asked me to Top #15 (1992)
Where does my heart beat now Top #15 (1991)
Because you loved me Top #19 (1996)
The power of love Top #22 (1994)
All by my self Top #46 (1997)
It’s all coming back to me now Top #76 (1996)
To love you more Top #77 (1999)
10° That’s the way it is Top #90 (2000)
When I was young I never needed anyone And making love was just for fun Those days are gone Livin’ alone I think of all the friends I’ve known When I dial the telephone Nobody’s home All by myself Don’t wanna be All by myself Anymore Hard to be sure Sometimes I feel so insecure […]