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Músicas Mais Tocadas de Morris Albert

Maiores Sucessos de Morris Albert:
Feelings Top #01 (1974)
She’s my girl Top #63 (1976)
Conversation Top #80 (1977)
Lets get it on Top #96 (1981)
Feelings, nothing more than feelings, Trying to forget my feelings of love. Teardrops rolling down on my face, Trying to forget my feelings of love. Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it. I wish I’ve never met you, girl; you’ll never come again. Feelings, wo-o-o feelings, Wo-o-o, feel you again in my arms. Feelings, […]
She’s my girl When the sun goes down When the moon comes up When the light is off She’s my friend When I need a friend When I want her love… I can have it Oooh! We’ve got everything we need (we need) We share everything we have We have sadness and happiness… Oh! Darling […]
Can we have a conversation? Walk together for a while For your own information I have enough time for us I’m getting tired of all these matters I’m trying to bring back the beauty of our life I need every minute to get to know you why not be happy and love all the love […]